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Well, here we go then. I've realized relying on adoptables only will get me nowhere, so I've rethought my options and made a final decision:

I'll be opening commissions. Simple-ish ones. Nothing extravagant, or overblown-blown, just- simple stuff. Stuff I actually think I'd be able to pull off, lol.

So now I'll lay out the rules, details, and other info. Like examples and stuff. Please make sure to read through everything thoroughly!

Accepting 3 commissions per week. If all slots are filled, commissions will be closed until the existing ones are completed.

:bulletyellow:Slot 1:bulletyellow: <devusername> - info - status

:bulletyellow:Slot 2:bulletyellow: <devusername> - info - status

:bulletyellow:Slot 3:bulletyellow: <devusername> - info - status

C o n t a c t i n g

If you want to commission me, comment on this journal the following:



Extras(shading, background):

After I reply to your comment, I will note you in order to agree on the price, PayPal fee and whether you agree to pay it, as well as my PayPal info.

R u l e s

:bulletred:No NSFW stuff.:bulletred: Revealing clothing is alright, but no explicit stuff period. So that means no excessive gore, no nekkid-ness, nothing suggestive(you know what I mean). I'm not opposed to that stuff myself, but I want to keep this clear and stuff.

:bulletred:Absolutely NOTHING that involves racism, ableism, sexism, transphobia, or queerphobia.:bulletred: Simply put, I don't tolerate that shit. Anyone even thinks about asking for something that even remotely includes these notions, or any variations of them, and you're gonna get firmly ignored. (And no, skimpy clothing doesn't automatically equate sexism. It depends on what is the reason this character wears such.)

:bulletred:Please be kind.:bulletred: Commissions meant to be polite arrangements. Sometimes artists can decline a commission request based on their own evaluations of their skills, or particular feelings towards what they're asked to draw, or if what they're asked to commission is against what they're ready to accept. In case you get declined, please be understanding about that. If you offer a different thing after this happens, that's all well. Especially if everything fits rules and preferences, and the like. And furthermore, please, PLEASE don't demand anything. If you haven't officially arranged for a commission, the artist owes you nothing. And they work in their own pace, which makes them comfortable. Safe to say, anyone outright demanding something to be drawn, without common sense, will have little to no chances to actually get their thing.

Thank you for your consideration!

D e t a i l s

I will be accepting commissions for:

:bulletblue:Character depiction:bulletblue: Basically, images with or without background(negotiable) that display one or several desired characters, shaded or not(negotiable). Positions negotiable.

And occasionally I'll be selling some single adoptables, like this one, or a sheet of several adoptables per go, if you're interested in those!

P r i c e s

For character depiction commissions:

:bulletgreen:Price per character:bulletgreen: 5 USD - Can increase or decrease by maximum 2 USD depending on how simple or complicated the character's design is. Negotiable.

:bulletgreen:Simple shading:bulletgreen: 2 USD - Character has simple shading.

:bulletgreen:Complex shading:bulletgreen: 5 USD - Character has complex shading

:bulletgreen:Custom pose:bulletgreen: 1 USD - Additional price if you want a character to be depicted in a specific position beforehand.

^The above prices apply per one character. One character with a custom pose and simple shading: 8 USD average. Two characters with custom poses: price doubled(16 USD). And so on.

:bulletgreen:Simple background:bulletgreen: 1 USD - A simple, shapeless background, usually consisting of one or several specific colours.

:bulletgreen:Complicated background:bulletgreen: 5 USD - Background features a specific setting, like a city, forest, mountainside, etcetera.

:bulletgreen:No background/transparent background:bulletgreen: Free

Thank you for your attention!


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I'm not a person which opens up to anyone and everyone. Those who know me well enough know just how big a bitch can I be. But once I label you a friend, once you earn my trust, I'll defend you from all the troubles in which you need help in. Granted, if I can be of use, or if I label it as something in which my help will be useful.
To anyone who does not know me, I shall be known as the Trickster. Those who know me and who are my friends(you know who you are), I am and shall be known as Blue. And that's my final word.

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