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Pokemon-ARPG: Crystalline Grace by TheBlueTrickster
Pokemon-ARPG: Crystalline Grace

This is a mistake. This is a terrible, terrible mistake. Why did he agree to this. Why did he not oppose their trainer when she chose him for the contest. Why, why, why.

Safe to say, Legolas was a nervous wreck right now.

Backstage was full with Pokemon of all possible species. Bipedal, quadrupedal, legless, avian, aquatic, neither- and let’s not even talk about the varying types. And then there were hybrids as well.

Every single one of these Pokemon, of his fellow contestants and, in a way, opponents are much better qualified for this than he is. Truly beautiful Pokemon, whose adornments and jewelry compliment their natural colours- not clash horribly like with his. Who would send a Sceptile on a beauty contest, let alone him? No one, that is who.

Except their trainer did.

„Trust in our trainer.” Arwen’s words from when he spoke to her and Aragorn, a mere day ago. Trust in their trainer.

He trusts their trainer alright. But himself? Not so much.

Those who know him call him the epitome of calmness and composed-ness. Those who partially know him say he is very peaceful. Those who’ve only seen him a few times debate on if he is even capable of reacting to something(or they would debate, if they wouldn’t have better things to do than concern themselves with a random Sceptile they’ve encountered but a scarce few times). In truth, he is simply a master of facade. No, not the move Facade- but a cover, a mask. Yes, it is better to regard things with a cool and collected minds- but even those most skilled in emotion control tend to „lose it” at least sometime.

And he was very close to losing it.

Hands clasped behind his back, tail swishing to and fro as he paced, the chains of his jewelry clinking lightly. Where did their trainer even get the money for these jewels? Specifically for a Sceptile at that? She must’ve spent a fortune. Another reason why he was a bad candidate- his size and build require specific craftsmanship, something Arwen wouldn’t have required. By Arceus, it would’ve been easier to deck Aragorn out.

And this was getting ridiculous.

Ceasing his pacing, Legolas closed his eyes, drawing in as deep a breath as he could. Slowly breathing out through the mouth, after holding it for a few seconds, the Sceptile proceeded to incorporate his meditatory tactics. For their purpose was the calming of the mind and body.

Opening his eyes again, the grass-type looked out towards his fellow contestants. Each of them were absorbed in their own preparations, some chatting in small groups and others doing whatever it was that strengthened their resolve the most. He spied a handful who were even glaring at each other, as if they were age-old mortal nemesis’ instead of simple participants in a beauty contest. Do they honestly take these ventures so seriously?

What a silly thought. A true sign of his wreck of a composure, otherwise such ignorant ideas wouldn’t even have a chance of spawning. Pokemon and people alike have as many preferences as there are living beings on this planet- naturall some would and do take contests like these seriously. For their own reasons, of course, but they are still valid reasons. As valid as can be anyhow.

Arceus, his  thoughts are rambling. What is happening to him.

Taking another deep breath and doing with it like with the previous one, Legolas sought out a secluded place, somewhere to sit down. He needed to get off his feet for a moment and properly collect his thoughts- he’s got time for that, thankfully, his turn isn’t due for a while yet.

Softly grunting out as he sat, taking care to not tangle the chains of his tail jewelry, the Sceptile placed his head in his hands and closed his eyes. ‘You are fine’, he repeated as a mantra- along with repeatedly counting to ten. ‘You are fine’.

Was he?

Returning to one of his previous thoughts in this whole mess, trusting their trainer was easy. Even if he doesn’t understand why in the world she chose him, he trusts her with his life- which all trained Pokemon do, really, except not all trainers are generous and kind. Or provide their Pokemon with as many means of communicating with them as theirs’ does. So yes, by Arceus, he trusts their trainer immensely.

But he doesn’t trust himself.

He doesn’t trust himself to embarrass himself, his sworn siblings, those who have to watch him and judge him- doesn’t wish to waste their time with a completely distasteful, bland and ugly presentation.

He doesn’t want to shame their trainer.

Because she’s got hopes in him. And he is terrified to fail those.

The rational part of his mind is currently in the process of telling just how wrong and silly those thoughts are in full detail- but it is a dull droning, background noise, when compared to the commotion caused by his fellow contestants.

The populace of which was lessening by the minute.

An announcer called out a Pokemon’s name and they went out onto the runway, showed themselves off, walked back and then further backstage- to the dressing rooms most likely, or whevever they wanted to go to relax after being thrown to the metaphorical Arcanines. Some contestants deflated almost literally when they returned, making his nervously delirious mind think of a deflating Drifloon. If such a thing was even possible.

Holy mother of Mew, his composure is completely ruined.

All these days of meditating, and then confiding in his sworn brother and sister- all that has taken a Swanna-dive out the window and been replaced by complete and utter panic that has been scrambled and scattered into every possible corner of his mind so as to cause more worry in every possible way.

It has to stop.

If he doesn’t get it together, the things he fears of making happen WILL happen. Without composure, he will be the true embarrassment he abhors being- and if he allows that then may Giratina forever hold him captive in the Distortion World.

Time for meditatory excercises again. The bench he’s sitting on actually has enough room for him to sit cross-legged onto it if he scoots back a good bit and adjusts his tail- easy to do, even with his jewelry. So he does that, crosses his legs, rests his hands in his lap and closes his eyes, along with the breathing excercise from earlier.

A bit of waiting and a number of calming breaths later, the boisterous noise of the backstage starts to blissfully fade in the background. It grows fainter and fainter up to a point where he wouldn’t hear someone even if they shouted straight into his ear. A perfect sense of stillness and silence- the kind one needs to calm down from a budding panic attack. Or at least how it works for him, one can’t expect individual Pokemon and people to have identical means of calming down.

And so he sat there, in blissful silence. Unaware yet aware of the outside world, alert enough to note when his name would be said and yet distant enough that no other noise disturbed him. All that was there was his heartbeat, previously rapid from the sheer terror that gripped him and now calm and even, as it should be. With his mind clear, he could seek out specific memories all for the sake of helping him maintain good mood and assured calm- because that is what he needs now, and lots of it.

One of his favourite moments in life was when he was first introduced to Aragorn and Arwen. The Poochyena and Togepi took to him instantly, even if he was a bit on the reclusive side at that time, due to the change from life in the adoption center to being with a trainer. But they were patient with him, as was their trainer, and truthfully, it didn’t take that long for him to open up to them and partake in more group activities than he had before.

It seemed as if those few memories were  quite enough to calm him. Surprising, to be honest- he’d thought it’d take longer. But even as he thought of going out and facing all those people and Pokemon, the idea didn’t snatch his heart in a vice-like grip anymore. He even felt eager to go out there- if not to truly do his best then at least to be as gracefully quick as possible and get back to Aragorn and Arwen. Even Smaug would be a welcome sight right now- Arceus knows that that hybrid will end up seeing the world, and their family, as he did- in her own time, of course.

Still breathing evenly, the Sceptile opened his eyes- to a backstage that was much less filled than it had been before. Either many Pokemon were called out in a short time or he was „gone” for longer than he thought- whatever the reason, fewer contestants were left. Which is alright, honestly. More silence means longer-lasting peace and preparation- not that he needs much more of that any longer.

Uncrossing his legs, Legolas scooted forward agan, leaning forward so that he could rest his elbows on his knees(mindful of his arm-blades, of course) and letting out a content sigh. How curious is it that such simple things as memories, even of moments that would seem insignificant and barely notable to most, if not almost every, being out there can have such a positive effect on someone?

„And, coming up, our next contestant: Legolas, it’s your time to shine!”

There it was, his call. For a split second it seemed as if that ridiculous panic from before would return full force- but really, there was only that nervousness you’d feel when going out to a large crowd- which can be anywhere, from cities to forest communities. Herds, flocks, pods- crowds, all around.

Standing up, taking a moment to stretch after prolongedly sitting in the same position, Legolas headed towards the curtains, waiting for them to open and the spotlight to shine on him, as it did for contents previous. For a moment he gazed out with a momentarily renewed worry. But then it was gone, and as he lowered his head to take a deep breath, the curtains drew open and the spotlight was on him.

His time to shine.

Word count: 1744
It's 4:17 AM, I spent half of the night kicking my sleepy butt in gear and writing this overblown crap up, WELL, HERE WE GO. Proper contest image ahoy. Now to post the contest entering app with links to all this stuff and then I'm off to bed. At last.
Lvl and appeal log.

|Panel 1| Headshot + shading + background = 3 lvls
|Panel 2| Headshot + shading = 2 lvls
|Panel 3| Full body + shading + background = 4 lvls
|Text| 1744 words = 17 lvls
|Total| Headshot*2 + shading*3 + background*2 + full body + 1744 words = 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 17 = 26 lvls

|Appeal| 25(max)
Pokemon (c) Gamefreak, Nintendo
Legolas the Sceptile (c) TheBlueTrickster
Pokemon-ARPG: Primping and nervous Sceptiles by TheBlueTrickster
Pokemon-ARPG: Primping and nervous Sceptiles

When they heard news of the beauty contest, Legolas had been ready to swear on his life that Arwen would be the obvious choice. She was quite possibly the fairest of all Pokemon in the regions- and if that’s coming from him then you should hear what Aragorn has to say.

So, suffice it to say, it felt like being bludgeoned with a Rock Slide when their trainer announced that he’d be entered. The day he heard that, the Sceptile was floored. „There’s time enough to prepare.” Their trainer had assured him as she saw his obviously stupefied shock. „Don’t worry about a thing. You’ll be amazing.”

He wished he could believe her.

But he took her word for it, and took his time in preparing for the contest- mainly mentally. Going out into the woods and fields more often than usual, meditating, the whole thing. But finally he couldn’t take it- because meditating did only so much in helping his nerves calm down. The very idea of going out before as many people and Pokemon as there undoubtedly will be- by Arceus, it terrified him.

And it’s hard to live through one’s days with that kinda terror. So he confessed his worries to the two Pokemon he holds as close as blood-siblings. He would’ve included the newest member of their team in this if he’d trusted her more- she didn’t seem like a companionable sort.

He invited Aragorn and Arwen to join one of his daily strolls- not an uncommon thing, which is why it was easy to get them alone. Even though he knows that they would’ve listened to him if he’d just come to them without any trickeries- but with that sneaky hybrid around he couldn’t do that, and it’s well known to all of them by now that she doesn’t like partaking in meaningless walks.

His inviting the two lovebirds out with an ulterior motive was the reason for his start when suddenly, as they were in the middle of a field, Aragorn asked: „You might as well speak now, my friend.”

„Indeed.” Arwen joined in, only winking when he looked to her in surprise. „That IS why you called us out this time, is it not?” She asked as she hopped onto a nearby boulger, settling down on top of it.

„... One of the reasons, yes.” There was no point in playing that silly secret game anymore, was there? „I... Um...”

„It is not like you to be slow with words, brother.” Already there was concern in Aragorn’s face.

„I- „ Well, out with it Legolas. „I do not think I can do it. Participate. In the contest.” Looking down, the Sceptile clasped his arms, blades flattening against his wrists as much as possible. They aren’t as flexible as his Grovyle blades, after all. „I have spent so much time meditating and preparing for it but whenever I so much as think of the contest’s name I feel as if the earth itself is about to rise up and swallow me whole... and, honestly, that would not be such a bad idea by now...”

Silence lingered for mere moments before his sworn siblings spoke. „It isn’t unnatural or shameful to worry, Legolas.” Arwen’s voice was soothing as always. „If you wouldn’t worry, that would be alarming.”

„But- why choose me? I am as ill a fit for a beauty contest as any- our trainer should’ve chosen you, you are fairest of all three of us- and many other Pokemon!”

„She could’ve chosen Arwen, yes.” Aragorn spoke up from his left. „She could’ve chosen Smaug, or even me. But she chose you. You know our trainer- she must’ve made her choice for a good reason.”

„Trust in our trainer, Legolas. And most importantly, trust in yourself.” It was as if they share a mental link, so intertwined were their thoughs- and even their tones of voice. You’d think one of them is a psychic-type what with all this.

But they did speak true. Out of all four available-to-her Pokemon, she chose him. For what reason, he truly doesn’t know- and sometimes it’s best to leave human thoughts human, without any Pokemon trying to understand them.

But trust in their trainer?

... He can do that.
Word count: 710

So, this comes veryveryvery late and I truly apologize for my silence(art block sucks), BUT. Legolas the Sceptile is officially getting entered in :iconpokemon-arpg:'s Crystalline Beauty Contest. This image will be followed up by another- the actual contest image, that'll follow all the requirements. Like this one, it'll have an additional story- that one much longer than this one, due to how much exp is actually needed to get the max amount of appeal. SO. Wish us luck, everyone!
Lvl and appeal count.

|Arwen| Headshot/bust + shading + background + 710 words = 3 + 7 = 10 lvls
|Aragorn| Headshot + shading + background + 710 words = 3 + 7 - 10 lvls
|Legolas| Full body + shading + background + 710 words = 4 + 7 = 11 lvls = 10 appeal(max)
Pokemon (c) Gamefreak, Nintendo
Legolas the Grovyle, Aragorn the Mightyena, Arwen the Togetic (c) TheBlueTrickster

PARPG - Smaug by TheBlueTrickster
PARPG - Smaug
So, my good friends :iconsuffi-marie-cr03: and :iconggpokemon1: made a Deino/Purrloin clutch, used a Hybrid Potion on it and got so lucky that the clutch landed THREE hybrids. So one for each of us! And this is mine~. Obvious choice of name, naturally, and even though the sex doesn't match up with canon one, I still deem it fitting. So behold! Smaug the Deiloin. Purrno. Whatevs. Also no shading cause I got lazy.
Name: Smaug
Gender: Female
Species: Deino/Purrloin hybrid

Level: 5
Potential: 21
Attacks Known: |Scratch|Growl|Dragon Rage|Tackle|
|Focus Energy|

Appeal Log: ---
Experience Log: |Deino+Purrloin Clutch|Full body + background = 2 + 1 = 3 lvls
|PARPG - Smaug|Reference image = 2 lvls
Pokemon (c) Gamefreak, Nintendo
Smaug the Deino/Purrloin (c) TheBlueTrickster
Pokemon-ARPG: Legolas is evolving! by TheBlueTrickster
Pokemon-ARPG: Legolas is evolving!
So there, after the little pause I took from drawing and uploading stuff, behold my newest piece. Legolas' evolution. The panels have differently drawn backgrounds because the moon is supposed to be rising DURING the evolution, which is kind-of symbolism. Aragorn's evolution had a night/space background, Arwen had sunrise and WILL have daylight once she evolves further, and now Legolas has moonrise. Since the moon's rising higher and higher during the process, all backgrounds in all panels were drawn separately. Shame about the middle panel tho, lol. Best background out of all, but the glowy silhouette doesn't count as a drawing of Lego'. So that's that.

Exp/lvl count.

|Panel 1| Headshot + shading + background = 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 lvls
|Panel 2| Full body + shading + background = 2 + 1 + 1 = 4 lvls
|Panel 4| Full body + shading + background = 2 + 1 + 1 = 4 lvls
|Panel 5| Headshot + shading + background = 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 lvls
|Total| 3*2 + 4*2 = 6 + 8 = 14 lvls

Pokemon (c) Gamefreak, Nintendo
Legolas the now Sceptile (c) :iconthebluetrickster:
Random pokemon generator:
1) Switch to "All regions"
2) Switch to "1"
3) Only one pokemon per question
4) Tag at least one person when you're finished

0)This is you

PonytaAw, I thought I'd be fully evolved by now

1)This Pokemon is your best friend


2)This Pokemon is your boss who you need to impress for a promotion


3)This Pokemon is your partner in a science project

PidgeotOH I KNOW is this project about megas

4)This Pokemon is looking for any possible way to murder you


6) This Pokemon is your boyfriend/girlfriend

AzurillAwww cutie~!

7)This Pokemon is your Ex

SeakingThiiiiiiiiiis wouldn't have worked out anyway luv

8) This Pokemon stalks you every waking moment


9)This Pokemon just stole all your cheesecake

VullabyYOU TH- well if it's not strawberry cheesecake then it's okay

10) This Pokemon is what you felt in your bed last night

Unown... Ehm

11) This Pokemon Punched your Mom


12)This Pokemon would do anything to steal your shoes


13)This Pokemon died by your hands

Trubbish... Can't say I'm very sorry about that

14)This Pokemon is your loyal companion for life


15) This Pokemon is your loving pet

VenipedeIdon'twannaburnyoueither- wait why is a Pokemon another Pokemon's pet.

16)This Pokemon is your Dentist

PlusleJuuuuuust be gentle wee buddy.
17)This Pokemon is what you dream about every day



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